Medication Assistance Services

Do you have a loved one who must take multiple medications daily? Have you noticed that they may have more doses left at the end of the month or run out too quickly? Do they seem to still suffer from the health issues that the medication is supposed to help?

You may worry that they are taking the proper medications at the right time or with the correct dosage. Perhaps they forget to take their medication on time, refill their medicines appropriately, or miss critical medical appointments. It is okay to worry, as not taking medication right can have severe repercussions on their health.

Keeping track of multiple medications can be confusing and troublesome, especially for memory issues. Having a caregiver to provide medication assistance can help to keep your loved one healthy with regular medication reminders.

Medication assistance is one of the critical services that the caregivers at Grand Strand Home Health Care Myrtle Beach can provide. We service clients in the Myrtle Beach, SC area by providing reminders on when and how much our clients need to take their medication. 

While we are not allowed to dispense medication to your loved ones, we can provide them with reminders to follow their medication schedule. Adhering to a regular medication routine will ensure that your loved one remains healthy.

Medication Compliance at Home

Remembering to take medication is an essential factor in staying healthy. As we grow older, sometimes forgetful, we may forget to take our medication on time or take the proper dosage. They may also fail to get refills on time or take the wrong medication.

Forgetting to take medication, taking it at the wrong time, or not taking the proper dosage can have serious health repercussions. It can lead to hospitalization, re-hospitalization, complications, reduced functional capabilities, and increased healthcare costs. 

In some cases, it could lead to an accidental overdose which could cause serious health risks or even death. Your loved one must follow their medication routine to avoid potentially tragic results.

Medical non-compliance comes in many forms and may put one at risk if they:

  • Forget to take their medication 
  • Disregard or misread medication instructions
  • Take someone else’s medication
  • Forget to refill prescriptions
  • Stop a prescription early

We know that assisting an aging loved one can be difficult, as you may not always be able to be there due to your work/life commitments. Grand Strand Home Health Care can help avoid these situations. We will ensure your loved ones follow their medication schedule.

When you can’t be there, we will ensure your loved ones take their medication on time, attend appointments, and carry out essential routines and activities. They will always get taken care of, and their medication routine will get followed as instructed. You can rest easy, knowing their medication needs are taken care of right.

Medication Assistance Reminder Services

Our home health caregivers get trained to help remind our clients about when to take their medication. While we are not licensed to provide or distribute medication, we will ensure your loved one follows their schedule and medication instructions. 

Our services include:

  • Maintaining and tracking medications
  • Reminders to take medications on time and in the proper dosage
  • Reporting and side effects to family members and medical personnel
  • Picking up prescriptions to ensure needed availability
  • Proper medication storage
  • Assisting in scheduling and attending medical appointments

Our Myrtle Beach, SC, area caregivers will help ensure your loved ones follow their medication plan. Our goal is to provide our clients live the healthiest life. One way to ensure their health is by helping them take their medication correctly.

Who is Best Suited for Medication Reminder Services?

Medication assistance services are not for all of our clients. Many seniors can take care of their own medication needs without reminders or caregiver services. There may be other in-home health care services that they require to help them live comfortably in their home.

However, some may benefit from medication assistance services. These clients need some help making sure that they take the correct medication at the right time, with the proper dosage. We can help clients to follow their medication schedules.

Your loved one may benefit from medication assistance if they:

  • Your loved one goes through medication too quickly or has too much medication leftover after a certain period.
  • Your loved one cannot remember when or if they took a specific medication, which can be a serious issue if they have Alzheimer’s.
  • Your loved one’s health continues to suffer, and specific issues like blood pressure controlled by medication begin to re-emerge.
  • They have difficulty following dosage instructions.

If any or all of these fit your aging loved one, you should contact our home health caregivers to help provide medication reminder services.

Grand Strand Home Health Care Medication Assistance

Is your loved one forgetting or neglecting to take your medication? If so, Grand Strand Home Health Care can help.

Contact our medication assistance team today if you live in the Myrtle Beach, SC area and have a family member who needs help remembering to take medication. Our highly trained caregivers understand the importance of reminding clients about their essential medication needs. 

We will work with you and your loved one’s medical team to plan out their medication routine. They will remind them when and how much of their medication to take and about critical medical appointments and refill times. 

Caring for a loved one as they get older can be stressful. You want to make sure they stay healthy, but you can’t be with them all the time. Our in-home medication assistance team will help take some of the stress off you by giving you the peace of mind that we care about their needs.

Your loved one’s health and well-being are important to you, and our medication assistance team shares that belief. Contact Grand Strand Home Health Care and allow us to give you peace of mind and assurance that your loved one’s needs are getting met.