Palliative Home Care Service

Following a chronic diagnosis and often a hospital stay, there’s nothing you want more than to return home, sleep in your own bed, and surround yourself with loved ones.

However, your care doesn’t end once you exit those hospital doors.

There are still plenty of symptoms to overcome. And coping with the stress of pain management can take a toll on the entire family — yourself included. Palliative home care can lessen the pressure on those that matter most to you.

It also provides you the physical, spiritual, and emotional relief you need to thrive as you deserve.

That’s where Grand Strand Comfort Home Care can help.

Hospice Care vs. Palliative Care Service

Your first thought might be, “They’re the same thing, aren’t they?”

Close, but not quite.

Both hospice and palliative care share one thing in common.

A COMPASSIONATE, TRAINED caregiver will visit you AT HOME to provide pain and symptom relief as you cope with an illness.

Here’s the difference:

What Is Home Hospice Care?

Diseases like cancer can be cruel to the kindest of people.
Home hospice care is for those who’ve exhausted all treatment options for those wicked illnesses.

You deserve DIGNITY, PEACE, and HONOR as you live out your remaining days at home.

What Is Home Palliative Care? Service

Many chronic illnesses are treatable and sometimes even curable.
However, they can also rob you of your QUALITY OF LIFE in the meantime.
Home palliative care will address your unique physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, with many patients undergoing medical treatment for their illness while in palliative care.
It’s also not permanent.

It’s a patient’s choice to leave palliative care once their condition is under control.

Illnesses Where Palliative Care May Help Include:

Pain Management & Support from Your Own Home

Coping with a chronic illness takes an immense amount of COURAGE and BRAVERY.

You deserve to do it PAIN-FREE and from the comfort of your own home.

We’re here to make that possible.

Palliative Home Care Services You Can Depend On

You didn’t select the first specialist you met after receiving that gut-wrenching diagnosis.

Your choice in palliative home health care Myrtle Beach provider matters JUST AS MUCH.

Here’s a look at the Grand Strand Comfort Care difference:

Treatment & Palliative Care at the Same Time

We want your life to return to normal just as much as you do.
And, ideally, as fast as SAFELY possible.
The best way to do that is with a two-pronged approach.
We’ll provide all the pain and stress relief you need at home.
You’ll continue your regular treatment with your medical team at the hospital.

A Supportive Team Just for You

Your loved ones will rally behind you as you FIGHT to overcome your illness.
However, palliative treatment doesn’t only involve physical symptom relief.
It also addresses the mental, social, and spiritual shock that follows such a diagnosis.
Our palliative home caregivers will join your treatment team to advocate for YOU

We'll Work Alongside Your:

Pain & Symptom Relief

Chronic conditions can make day-to-day tasks like eating breakfast or finding the energy to do laundry more challenging than ever.
You deserve your INDEPENDENCE.
Our team of caregivers will ease the symptoms and pain that stand in the way of normal life.

We'll Help Relieve Your:

Mental & Emotional Support

Illnesses like cancer and COPD can be unpredictable.
The ups and downs and uncertainty are tough to handle ALONE.
We’ll be there as you sort through the anxiety, loneliness, and “meaning of life.”

Our Mental & Emotional Support Services Include:

Home-Based Rehabilitation

Those back-and-forth trips to the hospital can be overwhelming for the entire family.
You deserve to feel COMFORTABLE and IN CONTROL of your treatment.

Patient Advocacy

We want the same thing you and your loved ones do what’s best for you.
With our in-depth knowledge of patient advocacy, we’ll put your needs at the top of the list.
It’s the least we can do.

Our Palliative Caregivers Will:

Why Choose Grand Strand Comfort Care?

There are plenty of palliative home care services in the area.

Why choose us?

Our team of DEDICATED, PROFESSIONAL, and UNDERSTANDING caregivers is committed to providing you the pain relief and respect you deserve.

We want to keep you COMFORTABLE on the road to recovery.

Locations We Serve:

Our home-based palliative care services are available in:

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

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